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Jay's House Core help pages

This is the "manual" for the software which MOOville is based upon -- the Jay's House Core MOO database created by Jay Carlson and a bunch of his friends for the Jay's House MOO.

While some of this help is a bit inaccurate, for the most part it is an excellent resource for those looking to learn more about the JHC MOO system.

MOO Help Index An index of all topics for which help exists
Main Help Page The large (243kb) page where most help resides
Creating & Building Help on creating and building
Verb Programming Help for programming verbs or commands
Server Built-ins Help with MOO server built-in commands
Core Utilities Help with JHC core commands and utilities
Administrators Help for MOOville wizards (administrators)

You can download a fresh JHC for yourself from ftp://ftp.ccs.neu.edu/pub/mud/sites/jhm/database/.

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