We're baaaaaaaack....

Apologies for restoring the website (such as it was) so late, life's been rough since Leandra was upgraded and it's taken me this long to pull everything off of the backup tapes. One of these days I might get around to putting up a real website here.

Access the Keep: telnet keep.quarteredcircle.net 2305.

LambdaMOO programmer's manual

JHcore programmer's manual

Old document: How to protect a network application using SSL encryption without having to patch the code.

BOFH excuse of the day (updated nightly)

Virtual Adept excuse of the day (updated nightly)

The Doctor's website - SSL version

Blackcat's website - SSL version

Julia's website - SSL version

Prezzey's website - SSL version

First Child's website - coming soon! - SSL version

Lyssa Heartsong's 19th century gift book website - SSL version

Ray Allen's Commodore connectivity site (mirrored with Mr. Allen's permission)

Shared bookmarks service, courtesy of Scuttle